Blackbird would like to introduce our new Ballard friends, the fine tarp, sling, and wire rope makers at Seattle's George Broom Sons, Inc. We've been pleased in recent weeks to spend some time with Mr. Broom and company as we've benefited from his help on a Blackbird special project. One could handily spend hours talking shop with the knowledgeable staff or sifting through the contents of the company's old tar and saltwater-smelling headquarters. Scroll down for more info on this Seattle fixture.

George Broom Sons Inc. was founded by George Broom Sr. in 1910 as a manufacturer of custom tarps, ship supplies and rigging for the sailing cargo ships carrying goods from Alaska, up and down the West Coast, and even south around Cape Horn to ports on the eastern American seaboard.

Now in the the hands of third generation family operator George Broom, the company continues to serve the commercial fishing and shipping trades along with providing industrial sewing services for a range of other industries.

Located a stone's throw from Blackbird Headquarters on a pier just west of the Ballard Locks on the Lake Washington Ship Canal, the old wood frame building that currently houses George Broom Sons has been around since about 1920. Originally a furniture factory, the building is crowded with block and tackle gear, machinery, still-in-use World War I era Singer Class 7 sewing machines, jumbled supplies, and faded photographs - some dating back to the 1800s - showcasing over a century of the industry's proud sailing ships and Broom family friends, clients and coworkers.

Have a look at some of the photos we took over the course of several visits to George Broom Sons company headquarters.

Stay tuned for more on the aforementioned "special project" to debut in time for Father's Day.