Blackbird salesguy and all around cool customer Umi Wagoner is a man who's passionate about a nice shirt. When our newest batch of madras plaid button-downs arrived from Gant Rugger, Umi was the first to express his willingness to help get these things blogged for our readers. So we took him up on his offer and swaddled the devoted young man in plaid. Then we snapped his picture. The cell phone photo above demonstrates his devotion to the subject: one man, three shirts. That's dedication, ladies and gentlemen. Keep scrolling for more product shots and info.

Gant Rugger - The Hugger Button Down Long Sleeve Shirts
in (top to bottom) dark air force check and bright green, poppy red, and dark air force plaids
DETAILS: 100% cotton lightweight handloom madras long sleeve shirt with yellow oxford cloth interior lined button-down collar, single chest pocket, and signature military style Gant item stamp below the belt line on the front left side.

$126, $126, $126, and $116 respectively

Editor's note: We'd like our readers to know that while Umi is indeed a rad kid who digs a tartan or two, he prefers to avoid any association with the bad puns that we sometimes have a soft spot for. As such, we'd like to apologize for the original title suggestion for this post, Umi Wagoner: One Plaidass Dude. Sorry, Umi. It won't happen again.