Here in Seattle, the start of autumn can be a fickle little creature that lures all your warm under-layers back out of the closet, and wraps you up in toasty little shells made of wool and fleece.

Early, on that first hazy morning, you finally come to grips with the idea of summer being over, as you sip your coffee and the rain starts to fall. You pull on your jeans, thick socks, boots, a longsleeve shirt or two, and your favorite scarf- you look smashing- then you head out the door to run some errands.

You're strolling through the supermarket. You're in the checkout line, you glance at the tabloids as the checker scans and the bagger bags, your wristwatch indicates it's just past noon. With a grocery sack in each hand, the doors graciously open for you. You take one step outside, BAM! The rain has stopped, the sun is shining, it's seventy-four and three-quarter degrees Fahrenheit, the humidity is unexpected and unbearable, and you've got a long walk home.

Sound familiar?
The trick for fall is to layer appropriately.
Here's an idea just crazy enough to work: long john bottoms under shorts.

Here I am putting this idea into action. I don't claim the idea as my own, by any means (just look at a picture of our Founding Fathers in any United States history textbook), but I can tell you this combo is a wonderful thing when the weather is capricious at best.

Filson - Alaskan Long John Bottoms
in Green
DETAILS: 100% merino wool long underwear bottoms. Filson's performance expedition weight Long John bottoms are cut for comfort, field tested and moisture wicking, and their fine merino construction makes them soft and comfortable on your skin. Made in the U.S.A.
Available online or at The Field House.


Robert Geller - Thermal Pant
in Black
DETAILS: 100% cotton waffle thermal long-johns with 1 1/2" elastic waistband, zigzag-stitched front and back paneling, and 3 1/2" ribbed cuffs in black.
Made in Japan.
Available online or in Blackbird.


Long johns have other wonderful applications as well.
Throw them on under a pair of brand new raw denim jeans this winter to avoid that painful break-in phase all together. They make great pajamas too!