We've just picked up a new collection of Gant Rugger items at Blackbird. Featuring a vibrant color palette, ultra-soft fabrics, and reliable Gant Rugger construction, newcomers and old fans of this classic American sportswear brand won't be disappointed with their new duds. However well these pieces will speak for themselves, Gant Rugger has an interesting history that deserves a bit of explanation.

A brand that began at the advent of American sportswear in the 1950s, Gant Rugger was producing styles for "The Ivy League Set," just as looks seen on university campuses were starting to catch on across the nation. Gant Rugger became widely known for their shirts, eventually becoming the world's largest shirt manufacturer in by the time the 1960s rolled around. The brand reached it's apex in 1973 with introduction of its "Rugger" shirt, a look stolen straight from the rugby field, but with "innovative and cool details" for a broad appeal. It was a huge success, though soon after, the company faded into obscurity. As they state it themselves, Rugger by Gant "faded away, relegated to the back of closets, substituted for something else, and simply packed away."

Present day: the company has recently experienced a resurgence in creativity, having taken to the re-imagination of pieces from their very own classic sportswear collection in earnest. Again, as they put it, they're out to "reclaim the field with a collection unlike anything else." We're pretty sure that they're on to something, as you'll see below. Be sure to look for their trademark—The Diamond "G"—while you're at it.

GANT RUGGER - Twill Check Shirt in Red, Navy and Blue

GANT RUGGER - Field House Stripe Crew in Navy and White

GANT RUGGER - Twill Check Shirt in Blue, Red and Green

GANT RUGGER - Wide Bar Striped Rugby in Navy and White

GANT RUGGER - Waxed Check Lined Jacket in Navy