Dearest Blackbird Blog Readers,

The overwhelming response to our blog post about Dave Pifer and his glorious Esquivel Hobo Shoes has been really amazing to hear! Sadly, we neglected to mention that these shoes were part of a limited production run that we only carried in late 2009 and into early 2010. Our apologies for not being perfectly clear about this in the original post. That said, we are always collaborating with shoemakers like Esquivel or Alden to produce footwear that is exclusive to us here at Blackbird. For those that were interested in those Hobo shoes, feast your eyes on the Charles Leo Gebhardt IV:

Named after one of our very own sales associates, the Charles Leo Gebhardt IV by Alden is similar to the Esquivel Hobo in that you can really wear the hell out of them to create your own one-of-a-kind look. These variants on the classic white buck are a perfect blank canvas for dirt, oil, and whatever else you may find yourself moseying through. The uppers are made of Ivory Calf Suede and are unlined—perfect for a many-year-long period of wrecking. We can guarantee that if you wear these puppies every day for a year they'll break in famously, and with the proper care they'll last for a lifetime thereafter. Our Leo has a pair himself, and they're getting pretty rugged as he's worn them a considerable amount, but they still have a long way to go. That said, you can always keep them clean, too...

In fact, readers, you can consider this a challenge: Will some brave someone out there pick up a pair of Charles Leo Gebhart IVs and wear them every single day for a year? We'd love to see that happen.