And more specifically, we'd like to let you know that we will be here for you ALL DAY for those last minute Valentine's Day gift grabs. If you've procrastinated on your V-Day shopping, we've got you covered. We'll put it this way: we've got way more gift ideas than you've got excuses.

DETAILS: This little vignette features ceramics by Laura Zindel,
Baies Noire Candle by Diptyque ($68.00), nail polish by RGB ($14.00), Poe's Tobacco Eau de Toilette by TOKYOMILK ($28.00). And this is just the tip of the old iceberg.

DETAILS: Candles by Diptyque are a perennial favorite here at the Blackbird Apothecary, but they make for a surefire Valentine's Day gift. Diptyque has expertly captured a wide range of fragrances, such as tuberose, gardenia, firewood and amber. There's one for every nose.

DETAILS: For the guy that's serious about shaving, we've recently begun carrying this amazing collection of traditional shaving products from Edwin Jagger. Featuring silver badger hair brushes, aromatic shaving cream and soaps, and classic designs crafted to last longer than you will.

Hurry in and pick something up before it's too late!