Ulrich Lang is a fan of patchouli, "...but not in the weird 60's or 70"s kind of way, more modern." Ulrich Lang New York is a niche house founded in 2002 and has introduced three editions so far for men: Anvers, Anvers 2 and Nightscape. The house is based on Ulrich Lang's great love for art, contemporary photography, and perfumes, of course.
"Early on, my grandmother had a beauty salon with a little perfumery in the South of Germany and I grew up amongst lotions and potions. I was able to name fragrances people wore at a very, very early age. It was the perfect education." -Lang

Modern and fresh, yet timeless and complex, Lang's scents are something you must try for yourself.

Ulrich Lang - Nightscape
DETAILS: This most recent offering from perfumer Ulrich Lang, Nightscape, is a modern cosmopolitan patchouli based fragrance inspired by the city at night. TOP: bergamot fused with a sappy green accord. HEART: jasmine and geranium with cedar wood. BASE: soft leather, musk, amber, tonka bean, and patchouli.

Ulrich Lang - Anvers
DETAILS: This Eau de Toilette is the classic minimalist first fragrance from New York based perfumer, Ulrich Lang. TOP: bergamot, lime, and tangerine with mint, sage,and basil. HEART: violet, jasmine, and geranium leaves warmed with sesame and honey. BASE: leather and moss interwoven with sheer ambers, precious woods, and a hint of guava.

Ulrich Lang - Anvers 2
DETAILS: In opposition to its older sibling, Anvers, Ulrich Lang's second fragrance combines traditionally masculine notes with florals for a fresh and inviting scent. TOP: bergamot, lime, lemon, black pepper, rhubarb, and cypress. HEART: Bulgarian rose, jasmine, lily, mimosa, cedarwood, blond woods, and vetiver. BASE: tonka bean, vanilla, amber, musk, olibanum, and oakmoss.