Blackbird is restocked with Behance journals and actions pads. These are incredible tools for the planner, the organizer, or the "I like to cross things off my list-er". They are helpful, easy to navigate and fun to use. You can make lists, you can draw, and you can plan adventures! Each organizational avenue Behance offers, provides a place to write down your overall goal, the steps you need to take to reach that goal, ways to prep for the project, and notes about the overall project. They have done an amazing job at setting someone up for action. Come into the store or check out all the options online. Here are a few ideas on how to use Behance products:

For the artist: sketch things, draft things, then use the Action Stickers to make organized notes about your ideas. Or, just play a never ending game of connect the dots!

Behance- Dot Grid Book

Behance- Action Stickers

The dot grid itself

For the organizer:
Ref: Make a skirt
Action steps: Make pattern, buy fabric, cut out, sew, wear it!

Behance- Action pad mini

For the planner:
Ref: Move to Portland
Prep/focus: Find space, store interior vibes, store merchandise vibes, drink water.
Notations: Keep going and don't stop! Drink water.
Action steps: Eat a piece of candy, scout three spaces, get all operational gear ordered, drink water, gather specific merchandise... Drink water!

Behance- Action Book