Last week we started the countdown to Father's day, leaving us now with 10 days left until the festivities ensue. Dad's mouths around the world are starting to water as we close in on their day of the year. And as the holiday looms closer and closer, we want to do everything we can to keep people from freaking out about what would be best for their old man. We already threw out a throng of shave creams sure to moisturize and protect his whiskers, but any dad knows you can't shave with just shaving cream. You need the tools! So, rounding up the Apothecary's Father's Day coverage, here's the hardware that'll help him get the job done, with a couple odds and ends thrown in for good measure. Whod'a thunk Father's Day shopping could be so easy?

Shave Gear

Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor

in Chrome



Edwin Jagger Best Badger Shave Brush

in Ebony

(perfect for your shave soap!)



Edwin Jagger Porcelain Shave Bowl with Handle

in Black

(perfect for your shave soap!)



Baxter After Shave Balm 4 oz

If you've got dryer skin, you've just taken off a bunch of hair, or you'd just like to add another pleasant step to your shave ritual, Baxter's After Shave is our go-to for something that'll help cool, soothe, and nourish your skin after you shave. Note the classically manly scent to boot.



Musgo Real Agua de Colonia

in Spiced Citrus

Speaking of classically manly scent, Musgo Real's got your back with this Agua de Colonia that smells like a barber shop from the '50s. In fact, touching on our Verbena post yesterday, this guys' even got some notes of that aromatic herb we've been going nuts for. Splash some on after that after shave balm and you'll be good to go, smelling and looking this dapper.



Diptyque Soild Perfume

in Eau Duelle

What's a solid perfume, you ask? It's a perfume in the traditional sense, though what differs is the method of application. Contained inside this weighted black container is a healthy potion of scented wax, perfect for sticking the tip of your finger into and applying to your neck and wrists. Eau Duelle is a vanilla scent, but it's mixed with woods, juniper, and black frankincense. Making it smokey, and manly. Perfect for dad's night out.