Alfredo Pria is a historical brand formed in 1824 and considered to be one of the oldest and prestigious woolen mills in Biella, Italy. Today, Pria is owned by Manifarrure Alto Biellese, known for over 50 years as a leading manufacturer of scarves, shawls, hats and neckties in cashmere, silk and the highest quality wools. Their 187 years of experience show in the quality and feel of their beautiful products.

The four scarves listed below are all under $100 and make a perfect last minute gift. Warm, soft cashmere really makes for the best scarves and these are some of the finest you'll find anywhere.

Pria - Herring Bone-In
in charcoal
DETAILS: Classic herringbone pattern in light charcoal grey. Perfect with a Burberry trench, a navy peacoat, or a vintage black leather jacket.
$95 $76.99


Pria - Rational Color Theory
in ivory/cadet
DETAILS: Rational because it goes with darn near anything. Pairs beautifully with a suit, or with a top coat on the way to the opera.
$95 $76.99

Pria - Poisonberry
in burgundy
DETAILS: Poisonberry is a distinct crimson punctuation that catapults a normal outfit into the world of stylish carefree optimism and opulent roguishness.
$75 $60.99


Pria - Anderson Cooper
in grey/ivory
DETAILS: The Anderson Cooper scarf defies the conventionalism it blends with effortlessly, like a wolf in sheep's clothing on the corporate pastures of the uptown high-rise landscape.