Ulrich Lang is a relatively new perfumer with his first scent, Anvers appearing in 2003. Originally located in Germany, Lang felt inclined to transplant to New York where he works currently. Coming from a background in cosmetics, he was well-prepared for work in fragrance when he decided to make the plunge, and his experience shines through the three scents that we carry. Each Ulrich Lang scent is surprisingly unique, versatile, and striking, with special care given to evoke sentiments of a considered, sophisticated future. His team has thus far been completely successful in their endeavor.

Ulrich Lang - Anvers 2
100 ml/3.4 oz.
DETAILS: Anvers 2 is one of the best unisex fragrances we have in our shop. Which is a big surprise considering it shares the same title as Ulrich Lang's first scent, Anvers, which is anything but feminine. It's unisex nature can be attributed to the brilliant study in contrast that is Anvers 2, marked not only by an exceptionally potent base but also by an expertly blended and diverse selections of fruit, floral, and wood that deliver a clean, fresh, and nearly-edible fragrance. This is the scent for a man who's interested in an alternative to the deep, heavy, overpowering fragrances generally associated with men's perfuming. Precise and contained though never failing to lose it's striking character, this one is for nonchalantly sipping wine at a cocktail party, wearing a perfectly cut suit, calmly observing your constituents from a close distance. Coincidentally, the woman confident enough to approach you and ask where you came from would be a perfect fit for this scent as well. An Apothecary favorite that's as artful on the skin day and night, rain or shine.
FRAGRANCE NOTES: FRAGRANCE NOTES: bergamot, lime, lemon, black pepper, rhubarb, cypress, bulgarian rose, jasmine, lily, mimosa, cedar, sandalwood, vetiver, tonka bean, vanilla, amber, musk, olibanum, oakmoss, wild basil