Blackbird is proclaiming this week BALLARD WEEK! There is so much going on in the neighborhood that we're cracking a beer, staying open late and wearing our national costumes with pride. Bring your friends down to Ballard and Blackbird this week and have some funny fun.


Syttende Mai Parade - Norwegian Constitution Day - Ballard hosts one of the largest Syttende Mai parades in the world and the parade has been going on in our little neighborhood since 1889.  The parade starts at 6:00pm and lasts until 8:00pm.  Join us in front of Blackbird in our Blackbird private seating area to watch the parade (come one, come all!). 

Drink a Hilliards with us from 6pm to 9pm (for customers 21+ only)!


KEXP Hood-to-Hood - Our favorite radio station, KEXP will be throwing a party in Ballard to thank the hood for the most donations at their last membership drive. This is a great time to listen to some free music, renew your membership and receive extra big discounts from businesses that support KEXP. The radio station will be broadcasting from outside Blackbird all day!  Also, Blackbird will be offering 20% off on this special day.

Bike to Work Day - You get the idea!

Mt. St. Helens Day - Located nearly halfway between Seattle and Portland, Mt. St. Helens erupted 32 years ago and blew ash as far as it could throw it (which is a very long way). In honor of this event and the partnership between our Seattle and Portland Blackbird stores we created a charcoal/ash based soap filled with ingredients from both of our states (cedar, rose, geranium and peppermint). To honor this great day Blackbird will be giving every customer that spends over $150 in the store a free bar of our Mt. St. Helens Soap. It lathers in black and smells addictingly fresh and fragrant.

Hair of the dog. Drink a  Hilliards with us from 6p to 9p (customers 21+ only) 


Blackbird Sidewalk Sale - score some great deals on designer treasures from seasons past in front of Blackbird Apothecary on Leary. 

You guessed it! Drink a Hilliards with us from 6p to 9p (customers 21+ only)