On the 18th of May in the year 1980, Washington State's Mt. St. Helens erupted. The volcanic catastrophy left Skamania county with no less than fifty-seven folks dead, many miles of railways and roads destroyed, millions of trees fallen, and countless deceased and displaced woodland creatures.

We at Blackbird have been inspired by the awesome power, tragedy, and mythological implications of this event. Some time ago, we created a black soap called made with ash, Oregon peppermint, Portland Rose, and Northwest cedarwood. We took all of these PNW-oriented ingredients and formed them into these great black cubes, emblematic of the solemnity and significance of the MSH eruption. I mean, it's just soap after all, but it's got a damn good story.

On May 18th only on the anniversary of the eruption, we're going to be giving away bars of this wonderful-smelling handmade soap to Blackbird customers who spend $150 or more at our store. The offer is good for in-store purchases only. If you didn't have a reason enough to come to Ballard on the 18th, you do now.