Plaid has become synonymous with the stereotypes of the Pacific Northwest.  While this may be somewhat accurate, we know how truly versatile plaid can be.  Plaid can be many things and right now, we have plenty of options that run the whole gamut.

OBEY The Stanley Shirt
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The Stanley is a classic woven cotton plaid shirt.  Its earthy tones and easy-to-wear fit make it an instant staple for the fall.

Blackbird Calculus Shirt
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A tailored fit mixed with a wrinkled fabric really makes the Calculus Shirt stand out.  It's the same modern fit from all of our Blackbird shirts but has just the right amount of edge.  It's not exactly dressy but it's not really casual either.  And that's just how we like it.

A.P.C. Button Down
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 A.P.C. is known for their slim fits and soft fabrics.  This new button down is no exception.  This sharp plaid button down shirt has the perfect texture and weight for Fall.  The classic red and blue coloring will ensure that it goes with just about everything you wear this season.