Contrary to popular thought, Blackbird isn't just a bunch of goths hanging out down by the docks in Ballard. While that is true to an extent, we've also got an appreciation for quality—something that is not confined any specific stylistic sensibility. For this reason, we carry and produce a broad diversity of items in our stores. From Rick Owens to Obey, we stock these things because we know they're the best. If you're a guy out there looking to broaden your sartorial horizons this Fall, we've got the goods and the friendly, style-minded personal shoppers to help you into whatever suits you best.

The look below features a great selection of stuff. Top to bottom: Our very own Calculus Shirt beneath A.P.C.'s Pull Irish Sweater. In the hand are Filson's can't-be-beat briefcase and on the arm, Tellason's rough-and-tough Coverall Jacket. Waist down we've got our own in-house designed and produced Japanese Twill Trouser and Robert Geller's brilliant black and shiny oxford shoes, a new collaboration with Common Projects. Final details include our Cerberus Triple Wrap Cuff in raw untreated leather and the inimitable Satis Bracelet by Vim Beget.

Some notes about this one: It's always interesting to cherry-pick things from our store from a wide range of producers and brands, and then to put them together to create something amazing. It's also interesting to take items out of their normal context to see just how well they get along with the other kids on the playground, like how we took this Filson bag—commonly regarded as workwear or heritage in aesthetic—and threw it into a look that's suited for a city-dwelling young professional.

However you'd like to look, we can help you round it out. Email seneca@blackbirdballard.com to schedule a well-rounded personal shopping appointment today.