A black-metal-and-motorcycle-inspired look for today, featuring some of the best in darkness from all reaches of our shop.

Up top we've got a luxurious black cashmere scarf from Pria, one of the oldest woolen mills in Italy. Even tough dudes wilt when they feel how soft these things are, and they're perfect for keeping the wind's bite from harshing your complexion in the cold months.

On the torso we've got Odyn Vovk's Tune Jacket in Goat Skin—super soft and super dark. Beneath that, a goes-with-everything pullover Gusset T-shirt by Robert Geller and a black Void Tee from The Seventh Seal hanging out beneath it. Why? Because it just feels good. Nothing like layer upon layer of softness up top to make for a smooth ride through the day.

Downstairs are our own Hazlewood Jeans in Stolen Black, scrunched up on top of some ultra-comfortable hightop calfskin sneakers from Odyn Vovk that are both laced and zippered.

The icing on the cake here is in the hand—a Vecte Duffle from Vim Beget. This bag is perfect for carrying around an extra pair of kicks, a sweatshirt, a grease rag, a meatball sandwich, or whatever else you need to get by.

Stay tuned for another one tomorrow, and ride safe!