Much thanks to Scentrist, Fragrance from Men's Perspective for putting together this brief informatory article about the progression of fragrance pricing since the 80's. In summary, people want to pay for cologne now what they did 30 years ago, but thanks to inflation, it is impossible to create the same product for the same amount of money. Because of this, to keep the consumer happy, most modern colognes have switched out high quality natural ingredients for cheap synthetics to keep pricing down.

"The lesson is that if we wanted to keep the same quality over time, we should be willing to pay the prevailing market rates." - Scentrist

In niche fragrance, it's a different ball game. We care about ensuring the quality of the scent, ensuring that it feels spectacular wearing it every day, above all else. The goal is not to create something that smells okay and is affordable, but to create something that is incredible and is priced reasonably. Because niche fragrances put that extra effort into creating a truly high quality end product, and because they tend not to skimp on higher quality ingredients rather than swapping them out for synthetic alternatives, the prices on our bottles of juice are higher. 

Personal fragrance is really not so different from eating out if you think about it; you have to make the decision whether you will eat fast food or go to a nice restaurant, just as you have to decide to wear nice perfume or fast fragrance. It's worth the extra penny for the good stuff.