Phoenicia Perfumes is a heavily autobiographical perfume line. David, the perfumer behind the line, began making fragrance after suffering a medical trauma that rendered him blind for nearly a year while simultaneously boosting the strength of his olfactory system. With complete dedication to illustrating the power and beauty of fragrance, David created Phoenicia Perfumes to raise awareness for Steven Johnson Syndrome, the lethal disease he suffered that resulted in his temporary blindness. 

Steven Johnsons Syndrome is a life threatening adverse reaction to almost any drug. Symptoms include painful blistering of the skin and mucous membrane, in many cases preceded by flu-like symptoms and high fever. As it evolves, skin literally sloughs off. Ocular involvement includes severe conjunctivitis  and corneal blisters which can result in permanent blindness. 

Warning signs: rash, blisters, or red splotches on skin, persistent fever, blisters in mouth, eyes, ear, nose, or genital area, swelling of eyelids, red eyes, conjunctivitis, flu-like symptoms, and recent history of taking prescription or over-the-counter medication. If you notice two or more of these symptoms, contact a physician immediately. 

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Phoenicia - Skin Graft
in 5 mL
Designed as a voice for those affected by Steven Johnson's Syndrome, Skin Graft takes the idea of "medicinal" and runs with it. There's something very alien about it, and definitely it is the kind of fragrance you get a whiff of once and kind of screw up your face and go, "huh?" After smelling it again and again you still retain the original shock and awe of smelling something so foreign, but it is surprisingly easy to warm up to the scent. With notes of gauze layered with jasmine and honey, Skin Graft will take you to a place no other perfume would dare to go. 
Top: Honey, Iso E Super
Heart: Jasmine Sambac
Base: Opoponax, Dry Woodsy Notes

Blackbird and Phoenicia will be making a donation to the Steven Johnson Syndrome Foundation each time a bottle of Skin Graft is purchased.

Phoenicia - Realoud
in 5 mL
Taking an imposing stance in the corner of the room with all perfumers who claim to use Oud in their fragrances without using a drop of the real stuff, Realoud rests confidently radiating its true Oud aroma. Constructed as a mukhallat or mixture rather than using the traditional western "scent pyramid," Realoud blends one complimentary ingredient after another all in complete unison with each other and all for the sake of illustrating the actual character of Oud. The lasting power and silage on Realoud are practically second to none, and we've never smelled the rich, animalic, piercing aroma of natural Oud more clearly than we do in this construction.

Phoenicia - Ultra Flora
in 5 mL
Ultra Flora takes the idea of a classic floral and maxes it out on steroids. Lavender, rose, and jasmine fuse together to create a striking, powerful floral accord. Bergamot and pink pepper breathe life into the fragrance, providing a little lightness and briskness to balance out the juicy flowers, while civet and oak moss do the exact opposite by giving a rich, dark character to the sweet notes. Longevity on this is excellent, as is silage, and the deep and complex florals really do wonders when applied to the skin. When you smell Ultra Flora, its carnal nature makes it blatantly obvious that it belongs on the front of the neck or the inside of the wrist, not on paper.