Robert Geller S/S 2013 Glasses

Blackbird Incense featuring two new flavors, Nahk and Muru

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We are so excited! All of a sudden the days are getting warmer, longer, and they're still about as wet as they were before but at least the flowers are out now. We are also so excited because we have more to talk about than the weather: lots of new product! Here's a quick recap of things we've received quite recently that've trickled through to our web store. There's more to come, but take what's not online as incentive to swing down to Ballard, say hi to the Blackbird beaks and Apothecary noses, and see what's up. We might just give you a free beer.

Blackbird - Black Licorice Hand Soap
Black licorice has become a staple of the Blackbird world since Nicole opened our candy shoppe in 2009. Ballard is a Scandinavian neighborhood filled with Norweigians, Swedish, Finnish and many other licorice loving people. Every year Blackbird hosts the Ballard Black Licorice Festival where shops, restaurants and bars in the neighborhood create licorice, anis, absinth and fennel treats for licorice fans to experience. 

You will find our hand soap to be extra softening with the delicious scent of licorice. Our bottles are glass with a sturdy black pump, and they're refillable if returned to the store.
13.5 oz
Blackbird - Midnight Fucking Awesome Scarf
in Midnight
This scarf is made from an incredibly soft silk/linen blend jersey fabric in the USA. It measures roughly 4 ft by 6.5 ft and features all unfinished edges. The subtlety of going so dark but leaving in a bit of blue creates an excellent accent that can be worn with everything. The cling on the scarf is very nice presenting a great number of drape options.
Blackbird - Replicant Cap
in Black 1
The Replicant Cap is made from very unique waterproof rubberized cotton. The classic 5-panel camp cap design includes two mesh vents up front to let your head breathe and a leather strap with metal fastener in back, allowing the wearer to adjust the size. 

Black 1 has a black cotton base with a flat black texture. No two pieces are the same. Due to the nature of the garment, the rubber coating may age and wear over time, adopting a different look depending on how you wear it.

The Replicant Cap is inspired by the heavy downpour found in the futuristic depiction of dystopian Los Angeles from Blade Runner. 
Blackbird - The Resistance Oxford
in Black
This classic grey oxford is made in the USA from soft and sturdy, highly dense 100% cotton that we sourced from Japan. It comes pre-washed to give the shirt a more comfortable, lived-in feel and look. The fit on the shirt is comfortably slim for layering and to trim down the body. Body length on the shirt is short so you can tuck it in or wear it untucked easily, with both looks looking well put-together. 

Notice the irregular button stance which places the two top buttons a smaller distance apart from each other than the rest of the buttons. This helps hold the collar in place when you unbutton the first button, and creates a more refined look without having to wear the shirt completely buttoned up. The lead-free polyester buttons are a pearlescent dark gray.

Blackbird - The Arctic Fox Shirt
in Gray
This comfortable dress shirt is made in the USA from a basket woven heathered gray 100% cotton Japanese fabric, resulting in subtle variations in color. It feels especially unique because of the weight and softness of the material, which cause it to hang elegantly on the body. The fabric has a true artisan feel to it, as if it were just recently shorn from a lamb. The Arctic Fox is quite versatile, functioning effectively in formal settings underneath a blazer with a tie, but also unbuttoned on Sunday morning reading the paper with a coffee and beat up pair of jeans.
Robert Geller - Contrast Sleeve Shirt
in Blue
The Contrast Sleeve Shirt's stripes have a great deal of subtle detail on a very small scale. The shirt's sleeves contrast the white/light blue stripes on the body with a deep midnight/navy blue color featuring contrasting white stitching and a subtly wrinkled texture. The buttons on the body of the shirt are a pearlescent white, and on the sleeve closure they are a darker mother of pearl. The fit on the shirt is comfortably slim. Like all Geller shirts, his signature bar stitching is apparent on the bottom right hand side of the shirt's body.
Robert Geller - Richard Pant
in Black
The Richard pant is made from an imperfect, knotty fabric that is incredibly soft. The texture of the fabric has tons of variations which give the piece much more dimensionality and cause the color to meander across multiple shades of black. Another design touch is the paneling stitched across the knee of the pant, which creates a more constructed look and feel to the piece. Features include an elastic waist band, two low slung front pockets, two small back pockets, and unfinished seams on the leg openings. The cut on the pants is incredible; they hang just perfectly around the leg, barely touching it, while still maintaining the perfect slim silhouette.
Phoenicia Perfumes - Skin Graft
5 mL
With notes of gauze layered with jasmine and honey, Skin Graft will take you to a place no other perfume would dare to go. It seems like there's an extra, secret ingredient being used that dramatically twists the scent into something radically different, but unstoppably attractive. Designed as a voice for those affected by Steven Johnson's Syndrome, Skin Graft takes the idea of "medicinal" and runs with it. There's something very alien about it, and definitely it is the kind of fragrance you get a whiff of once and kind of screw up your face and go, "huh?" After smelling it again and again you still retain the original shock and awe of smelling something so foreign, but it is surprisingly easy to warm up to the scent. Arriving at complete balance and removing all toxicity but maintaining an intoxicating edge that you can't stop smelling, Skin Graft is as avant grade as a fragrance can be, and is highly recommended to all perfume connoisseurs as it is most likely you haven't smelled anything like this before.
Odyn Vovk - L/S Pocket Tee
in Black
Made from 50% modal, 50% pima cotton, the L/S Pocket tee is ultra sleek. The body length is cut perfectly for the bottom opening to rest just below the belt line. The arm length is cut extra long and skinny so the sleeves will bunch and create gorgeous texture. Right across the chest below the armholes is a single seam with a concealed small pocket sewn in on the left side. Made in Los Angeles, CA.
Odyn Vovk - Slim 20 oz Trouser
in Brown
The Slim Trouser is made with a super soft 20 oz. 100% cotton fleece. The waist is elastic and also has a waxed cord drawstring cinching, roomy front and back pockets, relaxed seat and slender leg that expands slightly at the unfinished hem leg opening. Made in the U.S.A.