We found out about Kaia Hugin through a posting about the show Nordic Outbreak taking place in New York. (Which, by the way, will include a Midnight Moment in Times Square with a new version of Bj√∂rk’s Mutual Core video by Andrew Thomas Huang, which is on view nightly through March 31st.

Kaia is one of thirty artists that will be shown through this traveling exhibition hailing from our kindred Scandinavian countries. A student of art history and contemporary dance at Bergen National Academy of the Arts, in Norway, she says of that her work is an "exploration and a mixing of cinematic elements with choreography, performance and sound are central elements in my productions. I believe my work is a balance between dark existentialist questions and the humorous."

Often using space, movement, humor, and horror Kaia raises questions relating to free will and existentialism. In this segment we are unaware of who or what sets her into motion.... reminiscent of a scene from some super natural thriller. It's no wonder he last name is Hugin... which is the name of one of two Odin's Ravens, meaning 'thought'.