Monday was the first day of Seoul Fashion Week and every show was a menswear show. Needless to say, we were really busy/excited.   We started the day taking in Hongdae from the roof again.  It was really weird to see such a lively and packed neighborhood completely quiet and empty.  We also got to wear these rad slippers up there.

Fashion Week was split across two venues.  All of the shows on Monday were at 3 IFC - one of the tallest buildings in Seoul.  It is mainly office spaces but the 2nd and 54th floor were transformed into runways for the event.  Upon arrival at IFC, we started to make some friends. This guy was a street style photographer and we were really big fans of each other.

Seoul is a mostly flat city so it was really interesting being so high up.  The city stretched as far as you can see in every direction - it's absolutely massive.  

The view from the 54th floor of 3 IFC
We went to many shows on Monday but the stand out one for us was Cy choi.  Matt was a huge fan of their collection last season so we made sure to see their Fall 2013 show.  This season, all of the models were layering oversized coats over slim fitting coats.  They also had pants ranging from slim to super oversized. 

One of the looks from Cy choi

A few other highlights from the day:

D.GNAK by KANG.D.  Fun fact: This is Kim Woo Bin and every 16 year old girl in a 5 mile radius was screaming.
Amazing man-skirt at Resurrection
A parade of sweet hats at Jehee Sheen
After a long day - we discovered the relaxing bliss of a Hof Room.  We got our own private room and drank a Pineapple Soju slushy which may be our new favorite drink ever.  Every food item we tried to order was not available so they ended up bringing us a plate of chicken barbecue with an assortment of potato wedges, french fries and tater tots all mixed up together - all with a spicy Korean pepper paste on top instead of ketchup.  It was so weird that it was perfect. Eaten with chopsticks of course.