Do you want to see the 19th century version of yourself?

The Aviary welcomes famous San Francisco based photographer Michael Shindler of Photobooth to Seattle to take a tintype picture of you! 

ABOUT TINTYPE: Tintype also known as wet-plate collodion process originated in 1851 and was revolutionary for the quality and affordability of the images it made. The Tintype process applies a thin layer of light sensitive chemicals to a metal plate. The image is imprinted directly on these plates creating a distinct, one of a kind portrait that accentuates everything that makes you uniquely you. Michael Shindler who owns Photobooth in San Francisco is a recognized leader in this form of portraiture. Michael just completed building a 14” x 17” camera to create the largest format metal plate images he has ever produced, and he is bringing it to Seattle to take your picture. In addition to the large format images, we will also be creating 4” x 5” portraits just like those made over the past several years at Photobooth.

Large Format Sitting
Saturday, July 28th
Includes one finished 14" x 17" tintype plate
Cost is $275
Advanced reservations required!

Small Format Sitting
Sunday, July 29th
Includes one finished 4" x 5" tintype plate
Cost is $70
Advanced reservations recommended!

If you are interested contact us through facebook, or:

*Due to the unique lighting challenges this event is Individuals only, no group photos pets or children under 5.
5410 22ND AVE NW