GQ did a fine job hosting the CFDA Menswear deal this year/season. I must confess that I can't keep it all straight. Some friends were kind enough to invite me to this charming event in New York last month while I was there for Fashion Week. Here are some candid shots from the evening and a little commentary help the story along.

Let's cut to the chase... After making at least 4 loops around that godforsaken 102 degree room, my pal Dez and I huddled by the AC unit and suicide proof, 4" cracked window for half of the night. Here was our view of the barmaids, models and sweaty fashion biz folks. Free cold beer!

People like these make industry events fun! Here are Kirk and Chris Bray from Billykirk. Real people that work real hard in this business are rare. In addition, these two are a hoot! Be sure to ask them about their uncle whats-his-name from the South with the taxidermy chimpanzee on his porch (or something like that).

The lovely Alex Carleton, designer of Rogues Gallery and our new line Never Sleep

L to R: Halmos & Shipley


Being a model at one of these things must suck. Remember, it was hot on the ground and they were standing above us, wearing layers of winter clothing. We were sweaty and they were dying as slow death.

Geller stole the show in my opinion.

The one magic moment we didn't get a picture of was my friend Dez standing two inches away from Mr. Tommy Hilfiger.